CMS Search Bar, How do I make this? Having Major Issues

Hello everyone, I am trying to create this clone exactly as shown. It does just what I want

The issue I’m having though is that after setting up the search bar manually, in the exact way it shows to do it on the instructions, it doesn’t work properly. the way it should work is when you search for a term it shows results based on CMS text in webflow. I tired very hard to set this up right. please show me step by step.

Weirdly enough on my editor it shows the all the results, and i can even click them, but the predictive search is just automatically up, it doesn’t drop down, and on the live site it doesn’t show AT ALL. What did i do wrong, and how can i fix this?

Here is my site:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I have the same problem. Were you able to solve it?

I implemented a similar (if not near identical) feature using this guide here:

They also have a video walkthrough too

Hello everyone!

It might be helpful for anyone who is facing this problem. I found what was the issue.
In the instructions of the CMS Predictive Search the attribute value for search input is shown like this:

But when I opened it in Webflow I noticed that it is written like this:

So I changed it to “search-1” and it worked. Now when I type in the search field the results appear properly.