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Hi everyone. I’m new to using Weblflow looking for some help. I’m writing a blog for my company and I’m having a Table of Contents issue. Here is some context:

  • We use a CMS blog template to publish.

  • We use a rich text box to create a table of contents for each blog post.

  • We also use CMS to publish FAQs to add to each blog (each blog post has a different set of FAQs that goes with it).

I’m wondering, is it possible to link our FAQs section to the rich text table of contents so that readers can go straight to the FAQs too? Can rich text blocks draw from two different CMS collections?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Elaine, if you’re using the rich text field for a table of contents, then you can put whatever you want in it. However it’s static content… if you create a FAQ, you’d add a line to your ToC and link to that FAQ’s #hash id.

If you want to automate that to handle CMS-based FAQs, you probably want to get creative and have another collection list just below(?) your ToC, which is styled similarly and links your FAQs there. This would look contiguous and can be setup to work seamlessly.

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Hello Michael

We followed this first suggestion of yours and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much!! hope everything great comes your way this year!