CMS | Rich Text | How to use non-webflow asset image?

I can’t figure out how to add an image hosted on my CDN to a blog post (Webflow CMS collection). The only obvious options are image (which prompts for a direct upload) or “Paste a link to embed rich content” – which results in an error message when you link to a PNG or JPEG.

I just want to put an tag and style it a bit. Why is this so not obvious?

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Maybe it’s not THAT obvious, but it’s fairly simple as you’ll see.

You’re not going to use a Webflow image element, but a custom code component.

Your custom code component MUST be placed inside of a Collection list OR inside of a CMS Template Page.

Inside of your collection, you’ll add a URL field if you want to use the complete URL (ie: http://www.mysupercustomCDN/images/image.jpg) or, if most of the URL is predictable (doesn’t change), a text field. In the URL field you’ll put the complete address for the image (http://www.mysupercustomCDN/images/image.jpg), and on the text field, if you chose it, you’ll only put the name of the file (image.jpg).

Let’s consider you’re using the text field and add only the name of the image to the CMS items.

Drag a custom code component inside of the Collection List or Template Page.

Add an HTML code for an image

Select the part of the code that will change (the file name) and click on +Add field, then select your CMS field

Now you have a dynamic URL that will display your CDN image referenced in the CMS collection

You want to easily style this in Webflow? Add a class in the code.

Now drag any image in the Designer and add the class to it

Style it as desired and delete it. Your CDN image will be styled the same way.

Thank you for your efforts, but this does not address the question. This uses pre-defined fields which are modifications to the template. To put it in template terms, the images occur inline with the article content and vary in number, style, and type – they are not part of the template’s rigid arrangement, but it’s flexible “rich text” content.

Why is it so difficult to do basic blog/help/support articles with Webflow? That is the original use case for CMS’s. That’s why CMS’s exist.

As a point of order… (because I’ve been at this too long and I no longer have sufficient impulse control :wink:

  • There is no definition of obvious that makes your procedure compliant to that definition, so stating that it isn’t “THAT obvious” is also not correct. It’s simply not obvious/not possible.
  • Stating that it’s simple doesn’t make it so. It actually has to be simple to qualify.
  • Any solution that begins with “your… going to use… a custom code component” is, by definition, a worse process with Webflow involved than without it (if I’m just going to code everything, why fight against the Webflow UI?).

Sorry. I really want Webflow to be great. It’s got so much potential. Please don’t turn in to another “website builder”.