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CMS rich content Youtube-embed not working


I’m experiencing issues with the rich text + video/youtube-embed. I already have another CMS-item with video-embed (youtube-link) that works.

When creating the new CMS-item i can’t embed the link and get “Sorry, this URL cannot be embedded”.

Using same youtube-link as the one that’s published -> “Sorry, this URL cannot be embedded”.
So… this looks like a bug?

I’m having issues as well with YouTube links. In my case, a custom field is not recognizing recently published YouTube links.

I have tried multiple links provided by YouTube (see screenshot for examples). I have noticed that if I go to the video and grab the URL from the browser bar, I am able to paste it in.

Also recently found this thread from yesterday: Youtube videos not working

And this from @david_T which is explaining issues and what is / isn’t working: Invalid Video Link Youtube

Thanks @ColleenBrady and @KarlMyrvang.

Engineers have recently deployed fixes for the remaining YouTube embedding issues following on from the Embedly outage.

I can confirm also now with testing that both YouTube full video URL and YouTube short URLs now working, and rich text embed for YouTube links is now working again.

Please let support know if you experience any further issue.

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