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Hi guys,
it’s about 4 days that i try to delete a reference field - i search every word - every collection every page but nothing.
Theres a trick to find this binding ?
im going crazy but i don’t want to delete all page

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

wait wait wait
is possibile that is in custom code?

Hey @Folco_Nafta,

Yes make sure to check for dynamic custom embeds. Also there’s the seo, open graph, and other page settings to check. One that got me a couple of weeks ago was some old symbols that were no longer in use on any pages, but there was a collection list inside the symbol. That was stopping me from deleting cms items and collections.

Hope that helps.

Yes a f*** line of custom code…
thanx man.
super thanx
mega thx
iper thx

speak to fast
no way
delete all custom code - all collection item but nothing
it read a binding from collection category color and post text but i have disabled all collection


last chance
i have a copy of the site in my dashboard …
can create a conflict?

Super bug friends
delete all page create anew home empty, than no collection list
the last two collection page are the two that i can’t delete but all two are empty
no custom code in page and no custom code in setting
no opengraph - no seo

for all collection field same message

i delete the copy of the site in the dashborad
no word

no back to hold backup and give you share link…

after 3 day checking all lines code delete page destroy all
now - restore the old backup and voilat
thx backup good bless you
Delete this post or use it to teach the wrong way to work.
thx all

You can always contact support directly