CMS Records - are PDF's considered records?

I am new and I have searched but I really can’t find a good explanation of what constitutes as a CMS Record that is counted against your allotted amount. What exactly is a record? Is a PDF considered a record? Is an image considered a record? If you get 2000 is that a lot for most sites?
Another question I have is I have a site that has many (100’s) of PDF’s that need to be linked to. If they click on that pdf do they stay on the site and can they download them? I will have about 30 pages with lots of images do I keep these on Webflow or is it better to use something like Cloudinary?

Thank you so much!

Hi @java_I_tess, a CMS record is any item that has been placed into the CMS Collection.

Check out this video:

Hope this helps answer your question?!

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I missed the second part of your question too.

You can link the PDFs to the collection. Basically you can host the files directly on Webflow, follow the video. Then you can just select the Open in New Tab checkbox to have the users download the file that way.

As for images you can create numbers image fields, where you would then create your own gallery of sorts. The CMS plan gives you 30 fields and Business gives you 60 fields.

Hope that helps too