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CMS put reference number in text field

Hi, I am needing some help with cms, I have created a modal so customers can fill out their details and I am wanting to have a text field that automatically grabs the reference number from the cms so I can see which product they are enquiring about!

thank you.


Hey Thomas, here is what you want to do (as per attached image below);

  1. Delete the existing reference field.
  2. Add a custom embed element
  3. Add the new input HTML code as shown
  4. Highlight the inputs value and link that up to the reference field
  5. Your value show now be replaced by the current product’s reference in the CMS
  6. Save and close the embed and then set is to display: none so customers won’t see it

Send a test enquiry and see the magic… :sunglasses:

that is fantastic! I never knew about that part of webflow! Is there any way I could style like the other text fields?

The idea here is not to show it since a customer can change the value in the input field and then it will no longer be accurate.

Thats why you need to keep the embed component hidden.

you are right! perfect. thank you! i dont suppose you can figure out why the left column is slightly out to the left by about 10px? its driving me mad!

you are the best :star_struck:

Left column? An annotated screenshot would help.

yes this where the product image is breaking the container width for some reason

remove the 0px padding in product column 1 and keep it at the default 10px