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CMS pricing for sites?

Hello there,

I am super confused about the CMS pricing model after reading different posts in the forum…

I would like to build some prototyping sites for my own learning and experiments on a Professional plan WITHOUT CMS hosting. And I think using the collections may save a lot of time for me… I do not need any content editor other than me… it is purely personal learning. Do I get charged by using dynamic content on platform? After publishing the site on the subdomain, will visitors be able to SEE (no need to edit) what is built by CMS?

I’ve seen fellow Webflowers mentioning “100 free dynamic content/month”. What’s that about? I can only add 100 dynamic data? Does that mean per site or per “Professional Plan” account? With CMS hosting, would this limit be removed?

Thank you in advance to everyone who reads & could possibility answers! I really need to find out the cost of building with dynamic data and displaying a static site on webflow subdomain. If it is not possible, I will just have to go the long route and create every single page without collections.

The Webflow plan itself does not effect the dynamic content limit (Basic/Professional).

Free hosting plans ( are limited to 100 (published) dynamic content items across any and all collections for that specific site.

Static Hosting plans ($5/month under the Pro Plan) can have dynamic content, but I’m unsure of the limit.

CMS Hosting plans ($10/month under the Pro plan) can have “500+” (published) dynamic content items across any and all collections for that specific site (I believe there’s a soft limit of 500 that can be raised by contacting support).

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much kragit! I was confused and after reading your reply everything is super clear!

Really appreciate it!

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