[CMS] positive news!

Guys, i just wanna says that the first impression after a week working with the CMS is great!!! i know a lot of fans (like me) are complaining about the prices, and we know Webflow will listen to that. But hey EVERYBODY!!! Wat a great 1.0 version CMS is standing here!!! My compliments to all of the team of Webflow!!! Keep up the good work👍Anyone else?!?!?


Yes, the CMS is truly incredible! I’m still finding new features and amazing tricks to do things that I could never do before in Webflow. :smiley:


Great post Koen. With all the fuzz about pricing you would almost forget what a amazing product the team of webflow have released. And then to think this will be only the start


I agree. Love it. :wink:

So simple to work with too… Structure your data for a thing in “Collections”, use “Dynamic Links” to pull some or all of that data in wherever you want. Need some or all of that data to link to it’s own new page altogether? Use a collection template. I’ve only played with it for a minute but I’m sure the cool factor goes up once you start messing with single/multi reference fields. Look forward to see what the future holds for both the designer + cms.

In the spirit of keeping it all good vibes in here, I’m confident the Webflow team will do something with the pricing structure to better suit freelancers, agencies, and dev shops :wink:

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Yes, absolutely amazing job by the Webflow team. And I actually don’t have an issue with the price. I charge my clients a minimum of $40/month for content updates. I don’t think they will mind paying half that to do it themselves. Waiting for more cool features with the CMS!! Specially, search boxes and csv import and export of collections, etc…
Now, I feel more confident using Webflow to build a website from A to Z.
Thanks so much guys. We really are an evolving, growing, and loving community.