CMS populating tab-link fields

Hi all,

I appreciate this has been asked a few times in the past but they all seem to be one or two years old so I’m hoping my issue has now been resolved somehow over the intervening time.

I’m trying to work out how to use a cms to populate tab-links. Whenever I try, each tab-link uses the same first item in the selected cms.

Here’s the shared page:

If you click on ‘solutions’ in the header and then the ‘markets’ risk domains from the mega menu, you’ll see that I have two levels of tabs:

  • the first are the areas or risk domains we operate in - this should take the five items in a cms called domains.
  • clicking one of these should then populate the second set of tabs which are the components in each domain - this should take items from a cms collection called components where each component is linked, via a reference field, to one of the domains. The third area, to the right, should then be populated with further details (i.e. brief overview, key features etc) from the components cms. Finally, the learn more would then take the user to the components template page.

Hope that makes sense

All of this is currently being populated manually but if anyone is able to help my automate this using cms’s, I’d be much appreciated!