CMS photo gallery : how to create CMS structure for albums and galleries?

Here is my public share link: JSphotography

The structure of the CMS should be following

-NEW (limited to last 10 published photos from all photos)
-LITH (limited to a special type of photography, separate from THEMEN)
-THEMEN (a page with albums)
–Austria (each album has n-number of photos)

I have following problems which I am not sure how to solve:

  1. Should I pack everything into one collection (like PHOTOS) and then label them somehow? If so then how?

  2. How do I link the album-cover in THEMEN page with the galleries?

  3. How to make it possible that the user can add a new album?

I may be able to help with 1 & 2 but not 3.

I suggest you use one CMS for photos and one for albums.

Photos CMS Fields:

  • “Photo” = picture field
  • “Name” = plain text
  • “LITH” = Switch
  • “Album” = Reference (to Albums CMS)

Album CMS Fields

  • “Album Title” = Plain Text
  • “Year” = Plain Text
  • “Album Cover” = Reference (to the photo you want to use as the cover photo for the album)

NEW Page - “Photos CMS”

  • Simply set “Sort Order” to “Newest to oldest” by whichever date you want
  • Also, select the “Limit items” check box and type 10 in “Show”

LITH Page - “Photos CMS”

  • Add “Filter” “LITH” to “is On”

THEMEN Page - “Albums CMS”

  • “Sort order” “Year”, Reverse alphabetical (Z-A)

Album Template Page - Add “Photos CMS”

  • “Filter” “Album” Equals “Current Album”