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CMS Panel won’t open


for some days there is a really strange bug in my CMS Panel. For some reason it is not possible for me to open the panel this way: CMS > Tastes > Pfirsich-Lavendel. It is just not opening and after trying to open it the whole CMS Panel won’t open again, so i have to reload the page.

Other Collections (e.g. CMS > Tastes > Gurke-Basilikum) are working fine.

I’m quiet helpless :woman_shrugging:t3:

best regards, sonja

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Hi @Sonja_Jung

Thanks for posting about this weird behavior. I was able to reproduce this on my end and am reporting it to our team.

I’ll post back here when I have more information for you. For now, can you re-create this collection item to workaround the issue?

Hi @Brando,

thanks a lot for ur reply! For now I have some other issues to fix and the page won’t launch this week. And if this problem can’t be fixed and theres no other solution i think i could recreate the collection item :+1:t3:

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Hi @Sonja_Jung

Just wanted to give you a quick update here that our team is close to a fix for this.

Thanks for your patience so far :bowing_man:

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Hi @Sonja_Jung

We pushed a fix for this :tada:

It may still take some time for it to fully deploy, but you should see the issue resolved before end of day today.

Let me know if this fixed it on your end :bowing_man:

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