CMS page with related products and popup

I have a CMS page e.g. Product Page.

Being on a particular Product page I can book it using a blue button.
In addition I can book related products using also blue buttons.

All blue buttons trigger a popup that includes PRODUCT NAME I have chosen.
The need is to place a proper Product Title in the popup depending on a product I’ve chosen?

How would you recommend do this?

The principle is that your popup has to be designed for every bit of content. So for example a bit of content is this:

Well the popup must exist inside of it. And for conveniency, it can be a sibling of the blue button.
This way, you make a unique IX that says “when button blue is clicked the popup named .popup turns visible” and you limit this IX to SIBLINGS of the IX trigger (the blue button).

So you understand that now, you have what you want inside of the popup, eg a CMS title of your item.

if you don’t limit the IX to siblings of the trigger then all of the popups will fire at once.

If you want that when another blue button is clicked, the previously open popup closes, then you start your unique IX by an action hiding the popup based on its class, but without limitation. The IX now says “first close all the popups named .popup (even if there’s none open, THEN turn the one that’s a sibling to the trigger button visible”.

Thank you.
Would you place 2 independent instances of popup form in 2 places?

  • the first one - inside button in the upper part of the page
  • the second one - inside collection list wrapper, inside button - that generates the list of related products

Exactly. That’s the principle you should follow.

I’m trying to do that.
It’s not possible.
If you use a standard button - you can’t place anything inside it.
But if you create a button using a Link Block - you can’t place a popup with any form inside.
Webflow doesn’t allow to place any form inside CMS Wrapper as well.
But my popup has a form.

it seems to me - it’s not possible to do that way.

It’s weird. After some time - Webflow has allowed to place my popup (containing form) inside CMS Wrapper.
But - still - it’s not possible to place a popup (with a form) inside a Link Block (button)

I did it.
It works.
Thank you