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CMS page items incorrectly aligning

I’m setting up a CMS for a recipes page. I’ve created the ‘All recipes’ page which looks great in the designer, but when I got to live view, the CMS items get moved out of their 3 item row. I’ve even added lots of padding below the items to ensure that it isn’t moving because of overlap. The link is here -

Here are pics to show

Just getting into Webflow so any help is much appreciated!

If you cancel the float on the collection item, it fixes the issue. Why did you make the item float left? Is there a reason?

Most importantly, on what email do I send you my address in order for you to send me some of those muffins? Joking ;D they look delicious!

Thanks for the response! However, when I remove the float, the 3 item rows are also removed. Am I creating the rows incorrectly? I don;t think I added the float, I believe it is part of the Collection list formatting?

Hi @lubin288 Try this:

Check this video, first shows you how to fix this using inline block, then shows you how to use flexbox on the list

Worked! Thanks so much for the help!

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