CMS page error: "Access denied" on uploaded PDF

Hello lovely webflow people,

I have searched for help in similar topics, unfortunately without success.
Instead I created this new topic to ask for help.

Following error occurs “ACCESSDENIEDACCESS” while trying to open uploaded PDF from CMS pages/items.

The page itself is german, but the following CMS items/pages are kind of product support hub for clients. Client wants to offer multiple manuals and product details as PDF.

The pages and PDFs opens without any error on 9 out 10 devices, but for a reason we have one device (iphone 11) which states “access denied” error on multiple PDFs. But some PDFs do open as intended on the same device.

Maybe someone faced a similiar issue in the past?
Let me know if you need more information to solve. Thankful for any ideas.

error screenshot

Public share Link:

I’ve recreated PDF and upload again - problem seems to be solved.

i’m wondering… did the first pdf contain any capital letters in the filename, and the second version not?

Because I have the same problem and I think there is a problem with captial letters in the filename.

Have not yet heard back from Webflow support.