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CMS page customization


I have an Ecommerce store with multiple product pages. On each page I have a hero image at the top. Some of the images look good with the “cover” option while others i’d like to use the “contain” feature. However when I ever change one from “cover” to bg image “contain” it changes it across all my other product detail page. I tried adding an additional class, but it adds the class across all my product pages and if I delete it on one page it deletes on one.

So can I customize the hero image per product page?

Here is a loom screen video

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Hello @Marius_Ciocirlan

The first thing that comes to my mind is using another div for the images you want to display using the contain option. You can add a switch field to the CMS structure and use conditional visibility for the images that are set to contain.

You can share your read-only link so I can show you

Piter :webflow_heart:

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You could also create each class that sets the text color you want for the element, add a new field to the collection called navclass or whatever you choose. Then in custom code, use that class in a script, that adds the class name to the element with jQuery or vanilla JS.