CMS Page Changes Overrides On All Other Pages

Hello, i am trying to create different pages for my portfolio website. The template i bought houses different work pages in a CMS. I have completed one page for one of my projects. However when i start working on the second page for my second project, everything i do on it overrides it for all pages! I need each page to not affect the other. Ex: Header copy, images in sliders, image boxes, etc… One change overrides in all pages in the CMS. HELP!

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Hi Kevin,

CMS template pages are exactly what they sound like- templates.
Everything you have on the page is shared by all of the pages based on that template.

Anything you want to be specific to the current item, you must bind to a field in the current item to get item-specific data.

For example, if you have a heading “Bob”, and it’s not bound to anything you’ll see “Bob” on every page. If you bind it to the item’s Name field, you’ll see each item’s name instead.

The Webflow University has some very helpful courses on familiarizing yourself with the CMS and collection lists- highly recommended.