CMS option adopt a bg colour e.g Yes Green & No Red

Hi folks,

I have a CMS collection where one field is an option Yes or No. What I would like to do is when the text field is displayed it pulls a background colour too. So when the option is selected as Yes it pulls a background colour Green and No is red.

I have looked but can’t see an obvious solution to it.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - VRC

EDIT: redacted the part about options not appearing in filters, that seems to work fine now, see Hunter’s post below.

Another way is to switch out your option for a Ref field. Point it to a Collection that contains two records ( yes and no ), and a color field as well. In your collection list, you can easily access that color as the background.

The downside is that it costs you another collection of the 20 / 40 allowed in your plan.

Within your collection list create 2 versions of the text element - one with a green background, and the other with red. Then set each element to ‘conditional visibility’ which in your case the condition being ‘Status is YES’ and the other element being ‘Status is NO’.