CMS on exported site

I want to create a page with pdf docs available to download. If I export my project (as a code) to external hosting would it be possible to add new items to my page (new pdf docs)?
If I look for “webflow cms” phrases etc. I only find info about editor or collection list, but It is not sth I am looking for.

Hi @mttch :wave: welcome to the forum

If you export your site to external hosting, you don’t have access to the CMS in the same way you do when your site is hosted on Webflow.

You’ll only be able to access it through their CMS API.

  • You can upload PDFs to your asset manager, copy and paste those links to your new site.

  • You can upload PDFs into your CMS, but you’ll need to access them through the Webflow CMS API.

Those are (mostly) the options you have if you want your files hosted on Webflow but not your site.

Otherwise, just host those PDFs with another file hosting service.

Hope that helps!

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Put the pdf on your server. Determine the link address. Make a link to it.

Like this:

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Once you export a site, you have the code. You can add/remove anything from it that you want to, but you’re editing the HTML directly.

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