CMS Number List not working

Somehow the numbered list are only displayed as bullets on the live site. Any idea why?

Live Site:
Read only: CMS/News/first one

Here is my site Read-Only: 1
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Hello @creatspot,

I think this entry on the forum might help you fix your issue Numbered ordered Collection-list . Good luck.

Hi @Pablo_Cortes Pablo, thanks a lot for your proposed solution.
I just want to add a “normal” numbered list but it doesn’t override the setting when I’m styling the richtext class. Any idea why?

Hello @creatspot,

Your problem has to do with the rich text class, because that element only recognizes bullets. So, I can think of two solutions, one could be that you don’t use rich text for your collection item a then you can individually create lists that will recognize the numbered option. The second option and I don’t know if it would work is to try to add the css on your cms collections, before the numbered list try to add this code ol#myList { list-style-type:decimal; } I hope this helps.

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