CMS Number - Integers

I am using the cms to list bathrooms for floor plans. I filter the field to be 2 integers so 2.5 bathrooms will be populated correctly. Is there an easy way to remove .0 when the number of bathrooms is a whole number (ie: 2 instead of 2.0) but still show .5 (2.5)?

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You would need to use Custom Code to accomplish this.

@webdev thank you for your quick response.

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be really helpful. I was hoping this would be a quick fix.

Why not try the “Any format” option ? You can find it in the binding settings.

@pepperclip thank you for your response. I don’t want to use a plain text field because I would lose filtering and sorting associated with the numbers field.

Maybe I don’t understand… but the CMS field number has an “any format” option. Which allows you to have numbers with decimals or integers.

@pepperclip Thank you so much for having me revist the format settings. “Any Integer” fixed the issue. It is now showing whole numbers (2) and 1 decimal point when needed (2.5).


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