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CMS Notification Work Around

I’m looking for some thoughts around a CMS notification hack - so to speak.
I have a Alert Collection in my CMS that will hold short messages, one way to access current alerts is via a ‘notification bell’ in the top nav. I’m trying to think of a CMS work around where I could toggle on or off a badge (colored dot, indicating a new alert) on the notification bell to draw attention to it?
I’m not interested in integrating a third party for automated push notifications.

Would love any thoughts on how this might be accomplished and/or if you’ve done it or seen it done on any public Webflow resources I could check out!

[Site is internal company, not shareable]

Welcome to the forum Kate.

It seems as easy as designing the bell with the red accent, then add a conditional visibility to the accent. Then when your list of alerts has elements, it shows up, if not, it doesn’t.

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It’s a nice and easy solution vincent and I have implemented it. But, one will need to publish the site again and again when we add or remove the fields info to show or hide the red dot. Isn’t it?