CMS not showing rich text field

Hi. Im having an issue with a rich text field not showing up on the CMS list. I made sure to use a rich text field and not a “p.” Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Under “Board of directors,” Joe Biller should have a bio that is connected to a rich text field.

Hey @Collin_Fry

I think what I’m gathering here is that you simply need to add a rich text element to call on your rich text copy.

Then, when you hover, the bio shows up.

Hey Kevin,

Ok so not exactly. Ive placed an extra, optional rich text element on the page in case there needs to be a link in the text. In many cases this is left empty in the CMS. In Joe’s case there is text present in the rich text element but its not showing up anywhere. You can see it highlighted in the markup here:

Thanks for having a look!!

Hey @Collin_Fry

You can choose to have that display using conditional visibility:



Was my mistake. Rich text wasnt showing up because I only applied it to 1 of 3 image groups. Oops. Thanks for your attention on this.

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