CMS Muti-Image is live!

For those of you who haven’t noticed it - the multi-image field is live int he CMS. And it’s a treat! Thank you very very much people of Webflow!

A couple of pieces of feedback

  1. Can we see image size data and dimension data (i.e. 200kb - 1000px x 1000px) under each image? And can we also see this data in the regular image field?

  2. Can it be made easier to delete / edit the alt. Maybe two separate small icons on each image? Perhaps alt and click the icon to delete?

  3. Will it be possible to include captions also for each image? This would probably be separate to the alt attribute.


Hey, are you sure it’s live? Not on here thanks

Pushing that out soon @RoseWebStudio :smile: You guys are too fast.