CMS Multiple Page Creation HELP!

Hello Helpful Pros!

First time using CMS and have couple questions before I mess up all the good momentum I have from the helpful info I got from the forum thus far.

I need 100 pages of one product but with different city names in the titles (ex. pg 1 = “Oakland, CA Garage Door Dealer”… pg. 2 = “Berkeley, CA Garage Door Dealer”…pg. 3 = “El Cerrito, CA Garage Door Dealer”… so on) I created a csv file in excel and imported it great, even linked all the columns and rotated out the info on the page, very impressed with the dynamic editing.

BUT, My question is now that I have one page for one city done… How do I make another “repair service” page for another city, there is no duplicate page button, in the collection I see a button that says “+New repair Service” does this make another page (“archive” button??) for another city info to rotate in and be “static”

Also in the collection the rows and rows of dynamic information it says next to it… “staged for publish” does this mean its ready to fill out all the 100 pages with different info??

Sorry for any confusion on explaining my issue, I really appreciate any help! Thank You !!

Hey @Levi123 this is exactly what the CMS Template page is good for.

If I am understanding you correctly, you have built a page for one of the cities and linked all of your cms content fields for that city (item)?

I would copy that entire page’s DOM (minus the body, obv) and paste it into the CMS Template for that collection. Then delete the page you had made.

In the CMS collection you will make a separate CMS item for each of the cities. If you want a specific city to populate your template page at at any given time, you simple use that item’s unique link as your button link, and it will call that item’s page, formatted as you have formatted the Template, which becomes the master for the pages.

Is that what you were asking? If you do this right, you should only have to make the one page.

Post a preview link for more direct help. :slight_smile: