CMS multi-reference Zapier Integration via API ID

Hi Guys!

I need some help!

I recently figured out how to use the ID of a given CMS reference-item with Zapier to create a new CMS-item that contains to chosen reference-item.

However, i am running into issues when multiple-ID’s are given (as result of the dropdown feature in a webflow-form with select more on). Zapier or webflow is unable to read the ID’s and gives me an error. I am however, under the impression that working with multi-reference fields is possible.

Has anyone pulled this off?

It would be greatly appriciated! :slight_smile:

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@Waldo Hee Waldo, would you maybe have an idea on this issue?

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It is possible via the API, but I think Zapier has limited support for arrays in records.

Yeah, I have same problem. Would be good to hear what can be done :slight_smile:

Hi all! Did anyone find a solution to this?

Thats the solution right now. API.

From my expierence I had no luck doing it with API ID’s for multi reference fields, It works when one ID is given, but gives an error when more ID’s are given.

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Anyone have an update here? I’m struggling to get the API to accept my updates to the multi-reference field. Have tried sending IDs as string and array …


Anyone figure this out? Have posted in Zapier community boards also.

This is the best walkthrough I’ve seen,

It shows how to do it using either Integromat or Zapier.

Thanks to @rileyrichter for putting this together!