CMS multi-images issue

Hello, i am building a portfolio website with webflow, and I have some issues with the CMS, multi image option.
When I put it in my project, it works perfectly in the build mode, but I can’t see any visual in the preview mode AND if I publish it the visual are there but shows 4 time in a row … I really don’t understand what is going on. Also if I go from build to preview mode, I always have to “re-build” the images container since it disapear between those 2 modes… hope you’ll find a way to help me. Thank you so much.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - LudivineGaildry
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I’m not sure if I totally got your point.

But the issue you mentioned would only occur, if there is a serious bug. But when I’m checking your project I’m seeing same thing that is seen on the designer.

And about the 4 images you mentioned, is because there are 4 images placed and they get repeated.


In most cases you should only place on item inside the collection item, and that gets the value from the CMS and get repeated equal to the number of data on the CMS.

So try and remove other 3 images and check.

Hello Abirana, thanks so much for your help, so I deleted the multiple images as requested, and it works perfectly on the published website BUT I have no preview neither in the builder or the preview mode
Do you have any idea of how to resolve this bug ? Thank you so much for your time.

I don’t think I understood correctly, can you please show me what you mean by “I have no preview”? You can share a screenshot or screen record.

Sure, I can’t find where to host it on the topic, so here it is

you’ll see, the picts are visible on the published website, but not on the webflow builder.

I understood your issue but I’m not seeing that in my side. My project is also working fine.

I’m not sure if something is preventing it, so I guess it might be best to contact Webflow support for this.

Do check if you’ve done something on the browser.