CMS maximum entries

I am so close to subscribing to webflow but I have a question. I need to import my radio episodes info from a CSV file. Should I create a separate collection for each year or one big collection? I have been hosting my radio show since 1988 so let’s say 52 episodes a year. In my CSV file, my headers are episode name, year, notes, playlist, episode link. Can webflow handle all the entries in my CSV file? Should I create separate CSV files for each year instead?

What are my options and what is your advice? Thanks!!! Randy

Hey @rmcellig

Other members please chime in here!

In my opinion, you can have 20 collections on one page. That is pretty much the basis you have to think about. If you bring a ton of data in, and if you can’t organize it on a page without going over that limit… the design foundation can become challenging.

There are workarounds but just plan for it when building the framework.