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CMS login for clients

How do I create a CMS login for a client? I have a premium account and I want to set it up so when they login they only see their site not all my other clients. And so they can make adjustments to text etc.

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If you go to your dashboard, click on settings for which ever site you want. Then you should see CMS settings at the top, below that you will find “Content Editors”

Matthew :slight_smile:

Thanks Matty.

I have viewed the CMS myself and I can’t seem to edit anything in that mode? Is it only for external editors seeing it’s my account?

Also when clients login what do they see? Do they see my account details etc??

@dzgraphicdesign To make something editable by the content editors you first have to select elements in the designer and click on the checkbox in the settings panel. We’re thinking about making this checkbox subtractive instead of additive since most of the time clients are able to editor most of the website and there’s a few things that designers don’t want their clients to edit.

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