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CMS Login and user profiles

Does the new CMS tool allow user profiles? login for product based websites? or will it have this capability sometime in the future?

For example: I’m building a travel site and would like users to be able to fill out a form through Webflow with the packages they would like to purchase and it automatically populates that data in their own personal profile which they can login to and view what they selected or purchased.

Would be great if the new CMS and Webflow could handle something like this someday.

Thanks! :smile:

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Hi @SPI ,

Those are great questions! We’ll be sharing a lot more details about the product as we start ramping up the beta - but no firm eta on this yet. Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, join the conversation live here: WOO this CMS is gonna be really really cool

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I thought they already had an ETA for the beta. They stated it was in rolling out in a couple weeks, a couple weeks ago. I guess something happened and slowed down the release.

Thank you for the reply! @PixelGeek

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