CMS logic regard of e-store

If I want to create a shop. I am finding it hard to understand what should CMS logic be regard of that. For example, let’s say we have clothing store. Idea is that on one page I display all the categories (example: Men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, babies wear etc) with some general data. And if I click on one of the category it opens me a page where all related items are displayed. If I want I can filter items out based on some criteria. Finally if I click on a specific item then it opens a detail view.

Can it be resolved only with 2 CMS Collections - Category (general) and clothing (contains all clothes for men, women etc) or should each clothing have it’s own CMS Collection? How does CMS Collection page fit into it all (usage)?

Sorry for maybe stupid question but I have looked some materials and I am still not getting it in context of e-store.

I would really appreciate if someone could guide me to right track.