CMS Logic flow dependency

Hey all,

I have a relational CMS collection to multiple other CMS collections. E.g) a product summary collection, and then a separate CMS collection for each brand the different products sit within.

These separate summary and brand CMS Collections are on different pages.

What I want:

  • Currently, when a user clicks on a product in the summary CMS, it takes them to the brand CMS page that contains multiple products (not just the one they clicked on).
  • need it to automatically filter/show only the product that the user has clicked to view, within the brand CMS page. Both the brand CMS and product summary page have the same products.

Is there a way to do this in Webflow?


Hi Julie, your setup and goals are rather confusing.
Generally, you’d want one Brand collection, and one Products collection.

It sounds like they’re related as either Brand-multiref-to-Products, or Product-singleref-to-Brand, which you choose depends on your data and the UX you’re trying to create.

Hey Michael @memetican,

Thanks so much for getting back to me.
Yes you make a great point. I just have a lot of collections/pages/data and am trying to save from purchasing such a high $$$ Webflow account.

If you have more than 10,000 total items, but no budget for Enterprise, then you’ll need to consider some form of external database for your content.

@memetican thanks for that. Do you have any suggestions for one that can work well with Webflow?

A popular approach is Xano, but it can be pricy and you’ll either need to do custom coding or also use Wized for the integration work.

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