CMS Loading Times for Out of Stock Items

Hi Webflowers –

I need some advice on CMS setup. I am using Airtable to house my product information and connect to an API that indicates whether or not a product should be “live” or not on our website. Currently, I am syncing with Webflow direct to this Airtable view for a Products collection. But, I realized that this could be bad for SEO as pages for products would then be appearing and disappearing based on whether they are live or not.

Instead, I am considering restructuring my CMS such that it will connect to an Airtable view that has all products of all time and an option field called “Live” that denotes if the product is live. I would then filter the products collection list using this.

My questions:
(1) Will load time performance suffer as a result because, although I am technically filtering out tons of products not currently available, the system would still need to “load” everything to filter?

(2) If so, any good suggested alternatives?

For those wondering, for various reasons we can’t use Webflow native e-commerce for our particular setup. We are technically using an ecommerce tool we are required to use in our industry and are merely creating a “front end”.


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