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CMS List items hidden on published site (dropdown toggle set to initial appearance display none)

I have a Page with a CMS List of items that display in Dropdowns in an accordion style (FAQs).

When I am in the Designer, the items fill the List correctly, when I am logged into the on page Editor the items do not show up immediately, but then the page refreshes and shows the Items.

The issue is when I am not logged into the Editor and visiting the page, none of the CMS items are showing up.

There are no errors in my console.

Link to the website

Does anyone have ideas how to get them to show up as expected? Is there something I am missing with CMS items (can they be protected by permissions and only viewed when logged in or something?)


We can’t actually test this on our end (as a non-staff), so I suggest emailing support for this

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Hi @top_shelf, the cms items appear to be shown, but you have a legacy interaction set on the dropdown toggle which is setting the toggle to display none.

The items show when inside the editor because initial appearance only applies to the published site when the Editor is not loaded.

It would really help to share the site read-only link:

When I look on the published site, the dropdown toggle has a display set to none. When I change this in the published site css to display block, then I see the items.

I would first check the display styling of the dropdown toggle (the little hand with finger icon in the navigator).

When I looked at the dropdown in the designer, I see there is an interaction set on the dropdown toggle to have an initial appearance of Display none.

I would remove the display none and height initial appearance, then republish the site.