CMS Lightbox Workaround Using Interactions - Help Needed

I have a client who wants a CMS Lightbox, I looked at the various fixes out there but non really worked for me (PICNIC error). So I decided to see if I could do a Show / Hide Workaround using Interactions. Firstly, although I have done this interaction many times today it isn’t working.

My vision is to see the three small boxes and when you click on an image the large one appears, but this just seems to be a mess! The page you need to look at is COPY FLOWERS

If an interaction whizz could take a look I would be most appreciative.

Here is my public share link:
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Okay if you can walk us through it… I have the page… but

Which section
What to click
Where to look after clicking

We can see what is supposed to happen… thanks

Thank you @garymichael1313 apologies I wasn’t on line. Section 15 - Flowers for All Occassions. You can see three photos in a row across the top the photos are called Gallery Image, GI2 & GI 3. Underneath these are three larger Div blocks (Large Image, LI2 & LI3) which contain a larger version of the three photos in the row. My vision is that when the page loads you won’t see the large images in the Div Blocks but if you click on the small image it will reveal the corresponding Large Image. Essentially a ‘fake’ Lightbox so my client can change the photos. I hope this makes sense?

You can see I have achieved it perfectly well on the ‘Click to see More’ so I am at a loss!

Solved - I am an idiot I forgot to click - set as initial state… d’oh

Ahh no problem, glad you figured it out. Have fun!