CMS Lightbox - I don't get it

It did not seem obvious to me that the ONLY way to get multi-image selectable in the drop down is to do so on the Template page only. Wasted a few hours on that one.

Secondly, I am confused how the multi-image works with multiple products on the same page. Let’s say for instance I want to make a gallery. That gallery is split into sections i.e.

• Planes
• Trains
• Automobiles

each of these have a their own main image, on the same page, with their own multi images associated.

I display those three thumbnails and when I click on one of those main image thumbnails I want to corresponding multi-images to pop up.

This doesn’t work how I imagine it to work, i.e. won’t discern between the different lightboxes on the same page.

All I can deduce is that I have to have a non-template page with the three main sections which link to the template page showing all the multi-images.

I hope that makes sense?

You need to link with other light boxes for each group you want to be associated with each other.