CMS Lightbox does not work with multi images?


can someone help me with that?

Webflow do not show me the multi image field.


Here is my site Read-Only: heeere the lightbox is on the test page

Hi @Marcel_Steeb1 - Welcome.
The lightbox binding, to a multi-image field, only works in a collection template at this time. If you share your read-only link to your project, it makes it easier for those that want to try to help you.

See if that resolves your issue and let me know. If it does not, share your RO link.

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Hi @Marcel_Steeb1,
Thanks for sharing your read-only link. I looked at your test page and the problem is you can only do this on one of your collection template pages at this time.

Mod Edit: Topic Changed. Not a bug.

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actually @webdev and @Marcel_Steeb1. There’s an issue with how you set-up your multi-image field. It has te be added to the collection you want to display the images in. You created a separate collection with a multi-image element. If you want your images to show up in your blog posts, that’s where the element has to go.
It doesn’t work like a reference field.

@sarahfrison - Thanks for lending a hand. I did not bother looking further than the page he shared since you can’t use a multi-image field anywhere but in a collection template.

@Marcel_Steeb1 - I see you are displaying multiple images on your images collection template. So is your issue resolved?

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