CMS Layout with Dividers


I am working on recreating the website in Webflow so I can make further updates on Webflow and don’t know how to go about doing the sponsors page. I set it up through CMS and created collection lists that pull only 3 sponsors and each have a limit and a ranking number so it goes in order. However, I can only add 20 collection lists to the page and would need about 35 of them to get in all the sponsors and really don’t want to upgrade the plan.

I would really love if there was a way to get this done in one collection list, but the issue I was running into is the gold dividers. I would GREATLY appreciate any advice.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @SFogel to make things easier for you, is there a big reason why you need the dividers? It would make your life easier if you didn’t need them. If you do need them, then you may need some custom code to achieve your goal.

I agree - it would make my life MUCH easier without the dividers, but unfortunately they need to be there.

A potential solution would be to load the full list, then with custom JavaScript code you could create an array, and insert an element (your image for example) after every third item in the array. You can hire a developer for a quick freelance project or explore writing it yourself.