CMS layout not being displayed properly


I have created two CMS’s on my site. One for the Talks page and the other for the Publications page. I’ve setup a flexbox grid but it doesn’t display properly. On the publications page, I created a 2 column grid. It shows up for the first 2 items and then it breaks. On the Talks page, the list spacing is off.

Can someone help me?

Link to site:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kristen's website

Can you share the read-only link of the site as well?

Sure: Webflow - Kristen's website

On the Talks page I would set Div Block 4 back to a Grid layout instead of a Flex layout and then remove the 30% width on Text Block 4 which should fix the spacing issues.

On the Publications page set the Collection list layout to Full Width and then apply Grid to it and it should fix it.

This was really helpful! Thank you!