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CMS items not showing on Google Chrome?

Hey All,

Been trying to figure this out for a while now but after refreshing my portfolio a couple of months ago everything was functioning and looking how I wanted it on different web browsers and on both desktop and mobile. All of sudden most all of my CMS items stopped showing for me while using Google Chrome. It’s only displaying 2 items when it should be showing 5 items.

Would anyone have any insight as to why this started to happen and how I can get it to display all of my projects while using Google Chrome? Thanks in advance.

Read Only: Webflow - Andrew Murray Portfolio

Published Site:

Hey @Andrew_Murray we identified the issue that we believe was potentially causing this issue on your site and others. A fix was recently pushed out for this, could you check your site again let me know if the issue is fixed or not. Thanks.

Please republish the project to see the corrected order on the published site.

Thanks @matthewpmunger. I forgot this post was still up… a few weeks ago I spoke with Brandon & Dave over at Webflow Customer Support and Dave helped me identify the issue that scroll into view interactions applied to the image within collection items was the reason why it was breaking. I just applied that interaction to the collection item itself rather than the image and that had fixed my issue.

With your update here I applied that same interaction back to the image like how I originally had it and it’s working again. Thanks for getting back to me here.

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