CMS items not showing on certain computers

Hello! First of all, thank you for your time!

I am developing a blog on the platform, and have used a CMS collection for my ads, so I can easily change which ads I’m going to run on the blog. Also, I would appreciate any tips regarding the blog, since I’m new to Webflow and webdesign in general.

However, even though the ads (currently placeholder banners) are showing up properly on most computers and browsers in my office, the ads won’t display on some of the computers, specially on Google Chrome. All computers are connected to the same wifi network and are up to date.

Here is the link for the blog, for reference:

I’ve also added an image of the ad, for reference, although all images on the collection are missing in those computers.

I have tried cleaning their cache and asking them to restart their browsers, and also tried changing the loading of the ads to EAGER, to no avail.

What I find weird is that the other CMS collection I’m using for the blog posts is working normally, just as intended.

Is there anything I could do in order to fix this? I can’t get this project live without fixing this. So I would probably need to make them static images instead of CMS.