CMS Item inside of a template

Hello, I have been requested to build a Press Release template for an Agency. The PR’s are in a template thus they are in a CMS group. In this PS template I need to add a field called “Press Contact”. The Press Contacts might be multiple people. I thought it would make sense to use a CMS item(s). In the PR template I attached the Press Contacts as a Multi Reference item. When I check the live page it prints the entire CMS Press Contact group. In the example below I have selected on author inside of the CMS admin area (designer).

The Problem
I get ALL of the Press Contact CMS group instead of the selected one in the Designer view. I just want the Press Contact in that specified in the designer. When I check the Designer for the article I see just one Press Contact added (Justine). It looks correct in the Designer. It looks wrong in the staging and production server locations (shared below).

Desired Outcome
For each Press Release I want to be able to select which Press Contacts are associated with the PR article. Example: In the case below, we just want Justine Harris to show.

CMS Groups

  • Press Release
    • Press Contact (or Author)

Any thoughts?
Here is my public share link: Sparkloft Media Unveils Brand Refresh and Declares "Social is Dead, Long Live Social" | News | Sparkloft Media

Hi Kyle,

Your question is using a lot of terms that don’t have a meaning in Webflow… “DB table”, “Author group”, “selected in page admin”.

First step is to share a readonly designer link to the page you’re struggling with and indicate how to find the area.

In general, if this is a CMS page, and contacts is a multiref to a Contacts table, you’d just drop a collection list and bind it to that field. Not to the Contacts CMS collection. That’s my best guess without being about to see anything.

Hey @memetican I have updated the language to be closer to Webflow. Hopefully, its more clear. Lemme know.

My original guess was correct. Have you tried it?

@memetican OK I have corrected the issue. I think I had the incorrect CMS entry selected. I needed to select the one that was nested under the News Article. Thank you. Your input helped.

Exactly :slight_smile:

It’s not very obvious that there’s a difference in the dropdown list, but that difference is huge.