CMS Item Categories and Subcategories

Hi all,

I was hoping someone can help point me in the right direction with CMS Item categories and subcategories.

I have a client wanting to come over to Webflow, they have an existing Wordpress site and have approx. 300 blog posts - and these posts have categories and subcategories. Obviously, they have many years of link building and SEO both internally and around these post links/slugs.

Is there a way to follow these same categories and subcategories in the Webflow CMS item slugs?

Looking forward to any feedback.

Not with subcategories since nested slugs are not possible in a collection.

Thank you @webdev - that confirms what I thought.

I would imagine 301 redirects would be the workaround - however with 300 existing posts, this would be time-consuming.

I work with both platforms and I can rarely justify moving somebody from WordPress for a blog due to webflow limitations. Maybe someday I will change my mind but that hasn’t happened yet. If you want design control in WordPress it’s totally doable with the right tools.