CMS - Is it live?

I see on the website and in my account you can now purchase CMS hosting for $20/month so I can only assume the CMS is now live?

If so, is there a way to demo this feature before purchasing a CMS hosting plan for a client?


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I will go through the tutorials!

So excited about this!!


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Hello @seank

We are super excited to tell you that you can not only test but actually use CMS on your free hosting :)


@bart this so such a leap for designers! thank you guys!

Next question. Can the CMS be hosted on another host? for example of what I mean, can we export the needed files and upload them to another existing web host? Or is this on webflow hosting only?

The CMS will only work on Webflow. We do not have an export feature of CMS-powered websites yet. But we’re looking forward to hear your thoughts on that on our wishlist forum category here: :)

@bart Thank you… lastly, can the CMS be rebranded?

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We are looking into white-labeling the CMS editor tool. It is definitely something we want to implement real soon! :smiley:


Perfect! you guys are on top of this thing!!

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pssst @seank


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