CMS images with wierd sizing added


I’m having a strange problem with added values to the cms images in the published site.

If you look at my screenshots you see the error and the code I’m clueless about, Where are those values coming from?

I have trie re-saving the image, deleted and created a new cms item. Still same error.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][]
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Automatic responsive images = Webflow feature.

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Thanks. But why is it only applied to some images?

Starting size in this case I suspect.

Can you share the live (published) site?

Sure thing:

I’ve tried re-uploading the images and all images are 640x360

Hey! You got it to work i see. :+1:

No I haven’t touched it since :stuck_out_tongue:

What browser are you using? I don’t see this problem on my computer. :thinking:

Wierd. It happends after 2400 pixels wide. Fullscreen on a 1440p monitor. I could just set a dynamic height but I shouldn’t have to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Chrome on Mac

Oh yeah, i can see it now.

I can see your images dont have a class. Try adding a class and giving them 100% width. Maybe that will help. Not sure. But it’s always ideal to give images a class and a width, for a fluid experience.

I’ve tried it. The problem must be the responsive image values only added do a few images