CMS images with filter, not showing on published site

hi guys!
i’m trying to add some advertising banners to select pages on our site. I’ve created the banner section and added my div (within that section) as a symbol.

the billboard banner div/ad pulls from a collection list (of images) and I have filters set to ensure that ads only show up if they are published, have a hyperlink, and are set to active. they’re also set to randomly shuffle any ad (within the collection) that meets that criteria.

it seems to be looking and working, fine –––– until I publish. on the published site (below), the banner is not shown on any of the pages it is set.

I have no custom CSS or custom code installed, so I’m scratching my head as to why the images aren’t appearing. any help would be appreciated!


Here is my public link:

Here is the read-only link to my project: