CMS images disappearing between Designer and Preview

Hi, all.
I built a staff page based on a CMS Collection; pretty standard (name, location, headshot). Also has a modal popup for each staff member so user can read a full bio (also pulling from the CMS). Everything was working fine but today some of the photos are not showing. It all started when I switched from the Designer view to the Preview. I have not touched the CMS Collection, so I know all the images are still present. Can anyone explain what’s going on here?

It was fine two days ago (good thing today’s Zoom with client was postponed, otherwise I woulda been plenty embarrassed). The screen shot gives a good idea of the problem. :worried:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Lead Guitar

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Are you saying that some images dissapear for you on the Designer Preview or a published view? If the latter please share a link. If former I did not see an issue from my browsers and net location.

In the Designer Preview (to be more clear, it’s the preview that one activates by clicking on the eye icon above the Navigator pane, making the tool menus disappear). I am working in Safari, and yes, I tried quitting the browser and reopening.

When I’m in the Designer mode, none of the staff headshots are appearing. In the preview, some of the staff headshots are present, as per the screenshot I included above in my original post. Everything was fine for the past several days; I did not experience this issue until today.

Maybe it’s a Safari issue? I did just (finally) update the Mac OS…

Hey! Without looking at your preview link. This could be a styling issue. Sometimes images can collapse on themselves unless given explicit width and heights (depending on the display type of the parent element)

Hmmm…I would have suspected styling as well, but the staff page is created from a CMS Collection, with each item including a name, location, and headshot (the problem image in question). So if there was a styling problem, then all of the images would collapse, no? Per my screenshot, some are and some aren’t (though in the Designer view, all of the images have vanished).

But thanks for the suggestion anyway.

I’ll take a look when I’m back at my computer — can probably give you a better guess

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If images are dissapearing in the designer view do the normal debug. Test in icognito / private mode with no extensions, test different Webflow supported browsers to isolate. When you talk about a general browser type it is not really helpful. I have 6 different versions of Safari running on different devices and OS versions. So always share the OS info and version. Browser version as well.

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Update: All the images are present in Chrome, so something’s clearly off with Safari. Probably the OS update I did last night.

(Mac OS Monterey 12.5.1 / Safari Version 15.6.1)

Though the modal popup for each staff member doesn’t work in Chrome. Do links not work in the read only links?

Open a ticket with WF support. I confirmed the issue, but they should debug it since it is within the designer.

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