CMS Image Upload

Hello, I followed the tutorial on making a CMS collection, and added in my fields and added images in, but I can’t seem to get them to link so that I can select them. I provided a screenshot of what I’m talking about. I have images uploaded within each collection item.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Karen Hendrix Couture

Hi Karen,

Your dress pictures are in a multi-image field which means that you need to create a nested collection list in order to access those images.

Create a new collection list where your image element is, and bind it to that multi-image field. Then drag your image inside of it, and you’ll be able to bind it to the images within that field.

Note that in a nested collection list you’ll only be able to access the first 5 items.

Hi Michael,

Would you be able to go into a little more detail for how to do this for me? I’m just a beginner with web design, and I understand the concept of what you’re saying, but not exactly how to execute it on web flow.

Thank you!

There actually isn’t any more detail than that.

You’ll find a lot of value in Webflow U’s courses on the CMS and Collection Lists. You might even find some examples and cloneables of the exact image gallery setup you’re looking for, so I’d check that part of the docs.

I did follow the videos, and it’s not working, that’s why I made the post on here because I’m confused why it won’t work for me…