CMS: html code is santisized when updated through API

Usecase: We are using CMS for generating body(field rich text) and using it back in the UI. It was working all good till last week and today when we say the data is already sanitised (code blocks are entirely messed up).

Can we roll back to the unsanitised version?

NOTE: Can webflow update this somewhere in the docs and notify users before changing, this did break our production. We really don’t want a surprise every Monday?


Any updates on this team? This is a critical blocker.

Webflow rolled out this change on the way that rich text fields via the API are handled. If you can’t add the content via the designer / editor while on the backend, you won’t be able to do the same via the API. I saw a reference to a support email where they said that the loophole was unintended and closed. No other warning.

This change killed two projects I was going to use Webflow on and rules out a whole bunch for me going forward.

I’m confused by this.

I’m having zero issue sending basic HTML through the API into a CMS Collections rich text field. That includes inline styles on the HTML tag.

Am I missing something?


Not an issue with HTML that can be added via the RTE in the designer. Only advanced code / designs that you could previously add via the API. That is what was changed.

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The change was reverted by Webflow and there is no longer an issue with HTML code being sanitized via the API.

I can confirm that all PowerImporter users are syncing raw HTML code to the CMS without any problems.

The question is for how long? They could pull the plug again without warning.