CMS help image gap after archived?


I’ve just archived a few businesses on the ‘Who’s In’ page on our website and it seems to have left a gap in the list between CRATE 19 and 21.

Here is my public share link: WEBSITE

Looks ok to me. try logging out of the editor and see if you still see it.

Hi It seems when theres is a even number of businesses showen its doesnt line up right, i bleive when you looked at it I had archived 1 if you look now its back to how the image above


That’s weird. I’m pinging the team to see if anyone has any ideas.

@Adam_Wright - The computed value for the main collection div width is different. I suspect it is because crate 21 has a PNG file instead of a jpg. The image is not sized responsively as a result. Change it to a JPG and see if it resolves your issue.

Hi thanks for the input but this didnt solve this issue either

Ok, I took a deeper pass at this. The problem is with the img tag in #19. If you delete the node, you can see the issue go away.


If I replace the image from a sibling, instead of deleting the node, the problem goes away. That means it is that particular image. So you should look at what is different about that source image, versus the others. Size would be the first guess. That file is 1.6MB and dimensions of 2163x2160.

This issue has come back again I never fully understood how to solve it?